3/23/19 Drum Making Workshop; Wachian Welch It was so awesome working with you yesterday. Your patience is amazing and I’m so happy I was able to make something that bonded with me. I’m so happy. Thank you again. Samantha ____________________________________________________________________ 

Wachian,  On 4/3/17, I was actively guided to experience a gentle & beautiful healing session with you.  The message you & spirit  provided has with great clarity fortified a head to heart connection deep to my soul!  This journey has provided me with an abundance of understanding & blessings for my own potential that before now, was no more than a veil on confusing obscurity.  I'm extremely grateful & truly appreciate the awesome connection I share with you.  Wachian, you are a talented gift I'm delighted to know!! -Elaine.


Dear Wachian, 

I just want to confirm your reading on Saturday 4/22/17 . I hope by sharing this message will light up to your professional experience. I make an assumption that you remember who I am because I am complete different individual than most of your clienteles. 

I still have no time to review your entire reading yet, but I want to share the meaning of the “fetus in the womb”. You are 110% accurate about spirit showed your that vision, but I am sorry that I did not know what it was when you told me. I know the meaning of what you saw when I was working in my yard yesterday. My mother lost her father while she was carrying me in her womb and my maternal-grandfather was a shaman. Thank you for such priceless information so I know my actual root and my spiritual journey. For my entire life, I rebel against such culture because they believe only male gender who has the absolute power, and the right to inherit and carry our ancestor linkage to future generations and as well as DNA and all material things. Female gender is secondary, we only serve our husbands’ side. Wachian, thank you so for helping me verifying such priceless information; this piece of information is not about only my journey but for my mother’s brother’s daughter who has been calling to carry my grandfather’s spiritual journey, but she refuses because of our cultural beliefs. Society has been calling her as a crazy woman as well as her father who refused to serve as a shaman. 

In addition, there were mysterious activities on my window this morning by two little birds about the size of my big toe. Their primary color is black or grey, sky blue and white (on their wings) were knocking my window while I searched for your email address. We have been living in this house for many decades and this was the first time I have seen and heard birds knocking the corner of my window. 

Anyway, I just want to share how knowledgeable you are and hope by sharing your ability of delivering messages are invaluable and I really appreciate your work. 

Again, thanks for million. 



Hi Wachian. I just wanted to say thanks for the great reading you gave me Sunday at the Ramada. You mentioned 2 things that I've been seeking guidance on within the first few minutes and that alone was validation for me. Your message was an uplifting one and I enjoyed the light heartedness in your delivery. I walked away feeling really good from the reading and I appreciate the great work you do. Thanks again... John, Sept. 2, 2015

______________________________________________________________________________________ Went to Wachian Welch's flute concert to listen to some amazing music.

Becky G. 4/27/14

Dear Wachian
I was the lady with the hat yesterday.  Thank you!  I didn't realize i was so blocked until you helped release it.

Last evening I had dinner with my sister and brother-in-law (they were up on business from MA).  My sister was almost in tears because she said for the longest time since my husband’s death, there has been a heaviness around me - she said she wished she could just shake it from me.  She said she felt a real difference - a lightness - and knew that I was back.  She also agrees with spirit that I have indeed much love and happiness to share with the world.
Thank you again
God's peace, love, joy and blessings

You really are "out there" and spreading your magic!Deb sent me a copy of your CD and I'm listening right now!! I can tell that you've developed a unique style all your own - lovely! It's strong and confident. I love having an autographed copy by The Musician! 
Keep up all the good work!
Love and admiration for your accomplishments,
Shirl 3/9/14

Wachian, the CD is amazing! What a gift! P. Davis 3/2/2014
You are rocking this path Wachian Welch. K. Coccoa 3/3/2014
Wachian, it was so wonderful seeing you, and hearing you play. LOVE your energy! D. Feintech 3/3/2014


10/11/13 I'm very happy to receive this one of a kind rattle made specifically to suit my vision.  Thank you for making this beautiful work of art for me.  Love and Light, Sharon


7/21/13 Wachian, I also had an amazing reading with you on Saturday. It just confirmed that I am the right path and there are several wonderful things coming my way. My spirit was buoyed so much with this reading. Thank you, JoAnn K.


"Good Morning!! Thank you so much for such a phenomenal l evening!!! Also thank you for the ceremony at the top of the driveway, I really am so grateful to be able to honor the "Guardians". You are such a gifted light worker and we are all privileged to be part of last night's gathering. I am looking forward to July!! Thank you again. Have a wonderful day - thanks to you we all will, too."  5/12/2013 Pat R. Sacred Space Healing Arts Center


Hey Wachian,

It was indeed a pleasure and a moving experience to meet

you at “Re-awakenings” (3/6).

The clarity, gentleness and gifted guidance you (and spirit) offered was deeply appreciated.  I'm sure our paths will cross again. Thank you.  

Peace, Sue S.



"I had a wonderful reading with you on Saturday. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I love it when Spirit supports us emotionally...... Thank you Wachian, I hope will see you again at Camp Etna."  Sue J (July 2012)


Thank you so much for all you have done. You gave me full closure on the subject of K... and you've helped me spiritually. You're a good man! some of my friends want your number to do some readings with you as well so I will be sure to give them your info.

And again, thank you so much! Hopefully we can do another reading in the near future. Talk to you soon! :) Jess (August 2012)
Hello friends,

A mysterious yet compelling man wandered amongst the vendors at the New Gloucester Farmers' Market at Connemara Farm in New Gloucester several weeks ago.

Intrigued, I approached him in welcome, and what ensued has been a venture sanctioned in heaven; for Wachian Welch, Native American Flute Player and Maker, Psychic Reader, and Reiki II practitioner, together with Connemara Farm, jointly look forward to offering a healing and spiritual sanctuary rich in tangible energy, deep calms, and lasting nourishment.
Anne M.  9/25/12